Dr. Jonathan L. Kramer
Jonathan Kramer, Esq., JD, LL.M, LP.D

Welcome to this, my semi-super-double-secret web site for my students.

I’m Dr. Jonathan L. Kramer.  I’m your instructor.  I’m also a DLP (or, as is increasingly popular, LP.D) graduate from NEU’s Doctor of Law and Policy program, Boston Cohort VIII.  I successfully defended my thesis in August 2016 and was hooded in September 2016.

Here you will be able to search and review information that will, I trust, help you to succeed in my (well, really your) class.  It might even help you in life, too.

The Some Questions; Some Answers page has a lot of useful information about what I expect of you, and what you should expect of me.  I try and update that page each time a student comes up with a new query that I have not already addressed.  It’s like playing ‘stump the chump’ where you try to put the instructor in the role of the ‘chump.’  Yeah, good luck with that.

I’m really interested in your feedback and ideas.  In case you are inclined to send me a message via this web site, you should visit my Send a Message to Dr. Kramer page.

We’re nearly done here…but before that, please take a moment or three to visit and read my disclaimers page.  It’s important for you, and it’s important for me. That should make it important for you.

Finally – and perhaps most importantly – I realize and respect the reality that you, my student, is not fungible.  Accordingly, it is my goal as your instructor to help you succeed in my class…

    • in the manner that best suits and serves your individual needs…
    • …while maintaining the University’s very high standards; and…
    • …consistent with my reasonable expectations for a student in my class.

Revised: January 12, 2024