Send a Message to Dr. Kramer

To quote the modern poet, Nelson Mandela Muntz, “HA-HA!

I tricked you!

Actually, I DO NOT want you to message me via this web site.  In fact, there’s no way to send me a message from this web site.  I don’t want you to text me.  I am not willing to take

The University (and I) require that you use your Northeastern University Husky email account to send me an email to my faculty account … the one ending in  That way I can track your emails, comments, complaints, hope and dreams, peanuts, popcorn, etc. and more or less rapidly respond to it/them/they.

Thanks for your understanding.  It really is an important rule.

Dr. Jonathan L. Kramer
Updated June 21, 2021

PS: The lawyer in me forces me to tell you that if you want to receive a confirmation that I received your email, please ask me to send you an acknowledgement in the body of that email.  Sorry, but I’m not responsible for misdirected emails; emails eaten by you dog/cat/furry critter/significant other; emails you only thought/wished you sent; etc.  jlk