Some Questions; Some Answers

Brief overview of Dr. Kramer

Dr. Kramer’s long form CV (50+ pages) Dr. Kramer’s CV as of June 2021 (opens PDF in new window)

What is APA Citation Style? Why do we use it?  Finding help to correctly format in APA?

Citing to legal cases

Participation on the Discussion Board; Why’s and What’s.

When are papers/presentations due?

I don’t like my grade/you grade too hard!

Part 1: Oh-oh! I’m not going to be able to turn in an assignment on time!

Part 2: Emergencies

What is TuirnItIn? Why do we use it?

Plagirism (a really, really bad thing) and other bad things, too.

Hawaiian Aloha Shirts

(Note that I’ve recently learned that in Hawaii, shirts like mine are referred to as “Aloha Shirts” so I have renamed the video. -JLK updated January 1, 2019)

Audio Recording a Human Subject Interview (there’s more to it than you might realize).

Updated June 15, 2021